Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Kerri's Jewels & Gems

Discover The Best Kept Secret on the Island of Venice. At Kerri’s Jewels and Gems, you will encounter a rich assortment of gold and silver treasures for everyday wear, casual or formal occasions, and options that can accommodate any budget. We carry a bounty of one-of-a-kind, gorgeous jewelry, making it easy to find something that will capture the special personality of your loved ones or that you will delight in calling your own.

Kerri’s Jewels and Gems is known for the marahlago® Larimar collection, which features a unique gemstone with a pleasant blue color that is reminiscent of the beautiful tropical beaches that our area’s residents and visitors are so lucky to enjoy on a daily basis. This captivating gemstone is exceptionally rare, as it is only obtainable in a small mountaintop region in the Dominican Republic. Its manufacturer has also limited it to ensure only the highest quality gems and the utmost in craftsmanship are employed in producing these eye-catching jewels. Every year, marahlago® Larimar presents some new pieces which have become so popular that many “snowbirds” are wearing our entire collections.

Our unique, custom-designed Venice shark’s tooth pendants, which definitively capture one of the Gulf Coast region’s most treasured items, have become a bestseller. Whether you have found one while hunting the island’s beaches or simply purchased one for yourself, we can craft these prehistoric gems into unforgettable pieces, consisting of a crab rendered in either .925 silver or 14-karat gold that gently cradles a fossilized tooth in its claws. Adding to its expressive charm, each crab can be customized with glittering gemstone or diamond eyes, and has a hinged ball to ensure that the tooth is protected. The vibrantly colored butterfly wing jewelry from Eriposa Designs will appeal to the nature lover on your holiday list. Handcrafted so that no two are identical in pattern or design, these items incorporate some of the world’s most vividly beautiful butterfly wings with .950 silver for results that are sure to please! Since butterflies carry positive symbolism, such as rebirth, new beginnings, love, luck and hope, these artfully created pieces make an ideal gift for any occasion.

We recently added to our collection by acquiring jewelry items from the Caribbean Bracelet
Company, which features interchangeable clasps made of silver and silver accented with 14-karat gold. By simply changing the clasp of these versatile handmade bracelets, wearers can create an entirely different look, making it even easier to find the perfect touch to complement their outfit.

We have hundreds of options to choose from, including nautically themed and nature-inspired
pieces and even a few Larimar charms, and new designs are continually being introduced.
Stop by Kerri’s Jewels & Gems the next time you visit the Island of Venice, and treat yourself or someone you love to something special!

Kerri’s Jewels & Gems is located in the first block right next to Sandy’s Designer Clothing, and is open Mon. through Sat., 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Visitors Map Locator Number : 550
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Phone: 941-484-9197
Address: 132 W. Venice Ave.
Venice, FL. 34285

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