Thursday, November 26, 2020

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Gone are the days when the eatery was considered a quick fix for boaters docking to grab a burger, bar fare or fast food - fried, mind you. That’s because the new Marker 4 now offers not only a great dining experience, but a host of on-site amenties with a compound/complex-like approach to service.

The New Marker 4

For those with a fancy for an upscale dining experience - and at a restaurant with the culinary credentials to prove that that’s just what you’ll get!- well, welcome to the new Marker 4.

Now that it’s been several months since the Marker 4 completed their renovations and opened up an entirely NEW restaurant - the Buzz thought to catch up with GM Judy Garcia, Asset Mgr. Cassie Meyer and Chef Brian Nieman to get a wholistic view of the changes and see how things are going.

1 Pier 22A home by the sea is never just a home.  It is an escape, paradise contained within four walls and a painted door.  It has sandy floors and sheets, with open windows and outdoor showers.

Fill your home with the beauty of the shore, regardless of where it is located.  Pier 22 Home & Gifts' decor allows your home to be forefront, while quietly accenting all the ocean has to offer.  Slowly fading blues, crisp whites and bright teals are our specialty; punchy corals and sparkling silver add liveliness and whimsy.

American Products, American Prices, American Pride!US Mart Logo and inside

US Mart opened its doors in Venice because Dr. Molly Caldwell Kraut, a local veterinarian, loves America and it is just that simple! Every time she would go shopping, it would take forever for her to find what she wanted, a Made in USA label. Time and time again, she would share her frustration with her daughter Jamie, and her daughter’s response was, “Stop complaining Mom and do something about it!”  Dr. Molly did just that and US Mart was born!

Inspiration Comes From Many Places – The Perfect Execution Comes From Coastal Cottage Furniture and Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing5-2014 Coastal Cottage

Coastal Cottage Home Furnishings is one of Venice, Florida's best kept secrets when it comes to fine furniture and kitchen cabinet refinishing.

Creating a casual, laid-back atmosphere that brings the look and feel of the coastal lifestyle into your home can be as simple as having your furniture or kitchen cabinets refinished and refreshed to match your unique style and color palette.

Lori Fulkerth and Kristi Thompson, owners of Coastal Cottage Home Furnishings, understand this principle and can help enhance your living space by breathing new life into your existing furniture or kitchen.

All-State Floridian

Call us casually pragmatic, sunnily chic or simply sea-spoiled, in the land where sun, sea and sand reign supreme, it’s little wonder that, for we Floridians, even our furnishings tend to take on the warmth the rest of our U.S.-brethren flock here to enjoy  

But it’s exactly because our warm beachiness is simply part of who we are that it’s no surprise a business like Jealous Orchard, which specializes in hand-painted, beach-chic furnishings, is booming.

And Artist/Owner Lisa Fazzone is enjoying every minute.

In the year she’s been in business here, Fazzone has quickly taken stock of what’s hot in her often-times up-cycled inventory.

In The Beginning

Originally opening as a shop that offered new and used clothing, candles and home decor items, the business has quickly evolved into highlighting, showcasing and selling Lisa’s warmly unique, refinished furnishings that boast a touch of “Key West” and “Old Florida” - the kind of pieces that decorators and those with an eye for aesthetics vie for.