Monday, May 25, 2020

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30 Years of Dedication

It was a post-busy afternoon at the gallery when we finally caught up with gallery owner Leah Sherman, who has nurtured, weathered and ultimately thrived in her love of art (and people) through Collectors Gallery and Framery in Venice.

And given art’s often-times expendability during hard economic times, that’s quite a feat. As art lovers will attest, good galleries do sometimes come and go; it takes a special hand and commitment to service and customer economy to sustain. Collectors Gallery & Framery has been framing on the Island of Venice for 30 years; Leah is third owner and in her sixth year.

The Back Story

Originally from Memphis, Leah Sherman was born into a family of artists - a painter, opera singer and, according to Leah, “everything in between” - but after some experimentation decided early on that her own creative talents resided somewhere outside of being a product-producing artist. Instead, she chose to nurture art, being a catalyst for bringing together art maker and aesthetician - designer and those who simply love beauty and form.

And the allegiance Sherman has created among those with an eye for art is evident in the Gallery’s ambiance;

 A True Boutique Experience

Captain's Landing on The Buzz of VeniceWhen new “Ole Miss” graduates -  brothers Trent and Troy Young  - decided to follow in their father’s footsteps nearly 18 years ago by venturing into the world of men's retail, little could anyone have guessed what would eventually result would be one of Florida’s finer clothiers - Captain’s Landing.