Sunday, May 26, 2019

30 Years of Dedication

It was a post-busy afternoon at the gallery when we finally caught up with gallery owner Leah Sherman, who has nurtured, weathered and ultimately thrived in her love of art (and people) through Collectors Gallery and Framery in Venice.

And given art’s often-times expendability during hard economic times, that’s quite a feat. As art lovers will attest, good galleries do sometimes come and go; it takes a special hand and commitment to service and customer economy to sustain. Collectors Gallery & Framery has been framing on the Island of Venice for 30 years; Leah is third owner and in her sixth year.

The Back Story

Originally from Memphis, Leah Sherman was born into a family of artists - a painter, opera singer and, according to Leah, “everything in between” - but after some experimentation decided early on that her own creative talents resided somewhere outside of being a product-producing artist. Instead, she chose to nurture art, being a catalyst for bringing together art maker and aesthetician - designer and those who simply love beauty and form.

And the allegiance Sherman has created among those with an eye for art is evident in the Gallery’s ambiance;

Why It Works

Leah says she thinks of the shop more as a ‘salon’ - a place where people like to pop in to browse, discuss art, design or whatever might be the figurative catch of any given day.

Although art staples of ‘beach, boat and bird’ are plentiful in the gallery, all signs point to that fact that its assortment of art - from tropical to traditional, modern to floral, literal to figurative - is a large part of the winning recipe. Add to that:

~ an array of framing that is unsurpassed in the area

~ a large catalog of local artists’ work at all price points

~ its online print catalogs links (for home viewing)

~ plentiful stock of local scenes for gifting and mementos

~ its at-home Thursdays (where Sherman works with clients on location)

~ the ability to hand-cut metal frames on site

~ its on-site hanging service

~ the gallery’s ‘let’s try the art at home’ philosophy, where art patrons have the opportunity to view prospective purchases in their intended setting before buying

As the picture of outstanding service comes into clearer focus, what emerges is the dedication and commitment to creating a work of love and art in itself, with little reason to doubt why Collectors Gallery & Framery was voted 2013’s Best of Venice, and it’s frame shop has been nominated for 2014 as well..

To learn more about Collectors Gallery & Framery and to sign up for its newsletter, visit this link. And don’t forget to ‘like’ their Facebook Page to keep abreast of gallery events and highlights.


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Hours and Info

Collectors Gallery & Framery is located at:
114 S. Nokomis Ave. Venice, FL 34285
Tel: (941) 488-3029

Hours of Operation:
Weekdays 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Downtown Event Sundays Only: 10 a.m.-5 p.m.