Saturday, May 25, 2019

American Products, American Prices, American Pride!US Mart Logo and inside

US Mart opened its doors in Venice because Dr. Molly Caldwell Kraut, a local veterinarian, loves America and it is just that simple! Every time she would go shopping, it would take forever for her to find what she wanted, a Made in USA label. Time and time again, she would share her frustration with her daughter Jamie, and her daughter’s response was, “Stop complaining Mom and do something about it!”  Dr. Molly did just that and US Mart was born!

One of Venice’s newest retail stores, US Mart seeks to find products that are not only made in the USA but assembled and manufactured here as well. The store carries a diverse selection of items from Gorilla Glue to VO5 Shampoo to cards to pet treats and almost everything in between. US Mart is not just a store, but it is also a Village Post Office so you can now handle all your mailing needs while your shop! With a goal of always supporting the American entrepreneur, she has been on a mission, both locally and countrywide, to locate hard to find products, some you cannot get anywhere else.

US Mart also believes in supporting local organizations. Working on a “Give Back Program,” when you purchase items on select days, proceeds go to a local charity. Buy a Venice High School shirt or item, a donation goes back to the school. More projects are in the works and US Mart continues to work on ways to support the USA .
US-Mart-outsideIf you want to feel good about supporting American Made, then US Mart is the place for you!  If you want a place where you can feel confident about what you are buying, know that the products are safe, and shop with a friendly and knowledgeable staff that believes in America, this store is for you!

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Hours and Info:

US Mart
1740 E. Venice Ave.
Venice, FL  34292
941-412-1USA  (1872)

Mon-Fri:    10a-7p
Saturday:  9a-6p
Sunday:    11a-5p during season