Sunday, August 25, 2019

Back in 2010 when you went to the Venice Farmer's Market, you'd be lucky to find 10 vendors. Thankfully in 2011, Linda Wilson decided to take on the challenge of creating an experience that visitors and locals would look forward to and frequent weekly as part of their regular excurions into downtown. But what exactly did this former manager of an Engineering and Design Department know about creating a successful market? Honestly, nothing! However with her common sense, lots of research and sheer determination she figured it out.

Today, the market is thriving, not just surviving with between 38 - 44 unique vendors, musical entertainment, several awesome activities and creative special programs. One such program is "Venice Youth, Blooming and Growing" where children have the opportunity to build their businesses right in front of our eyes. These budding business entrepreneurs have to meet special requirements, maintain good grades, have a homemade product or talent and be under 18. Beginning on June 11, The Venice Farmer's Market is sponsoring their first Young Entrepreneur, Emmarose Larson. Emmarose is the Principal Baker and Sole Proprietor of Crazy Creations of Venice. 

Emmarose, is a Sarasota County native, and recently completed the 7th grade at Venice Middle School. Also on her list of accomplishments, she attended the Young Entrepreneurs Academy in Lakewood Ranch, where she learned all of her business skills. Crazy Creations of Venice takes everyday ingredients and combines them into unique and scrumptious flavors like Zucchini Blueberry and Mango Chile. Emmarose loves to cook in her free time, and finds deep interest in baking particularly, which is evident by her many varieties of baked goods you'll find at her booth. We invite you to come and visit her and try first-hand how delicious her creations are.